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Today is the best time to buy a car.

Gas prices plummeted across the country as the pandemic took hold.  With many working from home and reducing travel, the demand for automotive fuel has greatly decreased. The average price dropped below $2.00 per gallon for several weeks, but has since climbed above that mark. It remains well below the price a gallon of gas was selling for last year. At prestige Auto Sales Inc, we have had much success with regards to customer purchases. The few extra dollars that customers try to reserve at closing, to compensate for projected monthly fuel costs has now gone away. More deals are being made because that extra $150-$200 per month has made it's way to the budget as a bonus cushion. Covid-19 has it's pros and cons. Though we would like to see it over soon, we still relish the advantages it creates for our ever changing and challenging industry. Come see us and the variety of vehicles we have to offer. Today is the best time to buy a car. 

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You can follow Prestige Auto Sales Inc on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/prestigeautosalespa and also you can follow Prestige Auto Sales Inc on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/prestigeautosalespa/ and also follow Prestige Auto Sales Inc on Twitter https://twitter.com/PrestigeASinPA. YOU CAN follow us, like us, comment on our posts, share our posts, repost our posts, Send us a direct message or private message and ask questions about how you can be approved for a car loan at Prestige Auto Sales Inc. 

Prestige Auto Sales Ready For Green Phase

The Philadelphia health commissioner has issued a public statement on the current Green Phase re-opening of Philadelphia. On Friday, city leaders issued a mandatory order which requires residents to wear masks in all public indoor settings, and in outdoor settings if people are less than six feet from people from different households. While officials say the order will not be enforced by the Philadelphia police they hope the requirement will result in more people wearing masks and mitigate further spread of the coronavirus. Prestige Auto Sales Inc is open in Huntingdon Valley, PA. 

About Our Service Department

We provide a wide range of expert services and repair options for all makes and models. We use top of the line computerized diagnostic equipment and the latest factory service information. Distinctive craftsmanship and prices are below those of area dealer. Large selection of new and used parts. Special technicians that are certified for European model cars. If you have Bmw, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, we can take care of those concerns, and more. 2711 Philont Ave, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 is the one stop service center. We have over 25 years of experience. Our service department offers the best in automotive service to our customers. Our facility features current diagnostic and repair equipment and our highly skilled technicians will deliver the most efficient and quality vehicle care. When you need service, feel free to request an appointment online, call our service department directly 215-744-5100 or email us at 2711prestigeservice@gmail.com.

How we’re keeping Prestige employees and customers

Over the last several weeks, our safety committee and leadership team have developed a pandemic response plan along with detailed guidelines for working and managing our showroom, inventory, and online presence. Our primary focus is to ensure that you have the resources you need during this time. Like zoom  meeting schedule calls, virtual test drives, online payments, paystubs upload link, current PennDOT updates titles, tax adjustments, etc; These options have all been added the menu button on our website. We can help you adapt your business now so you can emerge from this period stronger than ever. Prestige Auto Sales Inc is the dealership you can rely on to help power your livelihood with a reliable used car. As a valued customer of Prestige Auto Sales Inc, we want you to know that we understand the importance of the service we provide to you and your family or business. We are fully prepared and ready to move into the yellow phase of rekindling our great economy in Philadelphia, and the Tri-Sate area. PADRIVENOW.COM

Buy a car 100 online

Need to get approved for a car loan?? Call Prestige Auto Sales at 215.288.7379 or 267.277.4038 and one of our trained online representatives will walk you through a few very exciting, and easy steps. First you must go to padrivenow.com, fill out a loan application, select your vehicle of interest, click submit, and wait by the phone. By phone we will verify the information listed on your loan application. We will ask for proof your income, an updated copy of your state issued driver's license, and how much money you're investing as a down payment. Once you're approved, upon agreement, we will schedule a delivery time that works best for you. During the vehicle delivery, our team will be observing social distancing, and following all guidelines set in place to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Bravo....100% safety, 100% online. Call 215.288.7379 or 267.277.4038 today!!

Buy Here in Jenkintown, PA

Buy Here in Jenkintown, PA – Help Get Cars Easily on Credit 

The Customer Satisfaction car lots are not going to be a thing of the past soon. They have made a name in the field of bad credit. Car dealerships with auto loan are used by people who want to purchase cars but have a bad credit history. These persons with a bad credit report can’t access loan facilities very quickly, and where they get the access, the process is tedious. They buyer at times won’t get assured of getting the loan even after going through the process.

The Used car lots work on the different concept. As a car buyer, you start by visiting a car showroom and look at the cars available before you decide on the one you want to buy. You then have to find ways to finance your purchase. With these lots and the help of a used car dealer, you will not go wrong. You always start with by deciding on the mode of payment based on your credit history as well as your repaying capacity. The bad credit auto loans dealer then shows you the cars that are available, and you can afford to pay. With the finance car with no credit service, there is involvement of a third party like a bank as you will pay the installments directly to them. You can pay on a monthly basis after you have bought the car.

The advantages of buying a car at a Jenkintown used car lot

For people who've a bad credit car loan history, the dealers give them the chance to purchase vehicles they wouldn’t have afforded. Most of turned down by most of the traditional lenders, and the lots come in very handy.

Since most of these dealers who are used cars for sale business check your credit history, when you pay your credit on time, they might report you to the credit bureaus.

As most of these used car sales dealers deal in the sale of old cars, if you have your old car, they might find a buyer for you. In case you want to have it exchanged, you can still do it and get another vehicle in return for your old car.

The auto sales dealers also prove to be very convenient when it comes to buying a used car, and most people will prefer using them. The used trucks for sale dealers will save you a lot of time when you need a car for some daily transportation even when you have some financial problems.

Since some states have put a ceiling on the maximum allowable interest rate to get used in dealers used cars sales, ensure that you check whether the dealer follows the set laws. You should not purchase a used car that you won’t be able to use in your state.

There are regulations for the used bad credit car dealers, and these laws will be strengthened by other rules that are yet to be passed. If you think to use used pickup truck dealers to by your next vehicle, make sure that you are more vigilant before you make the decision. This is the only way you will be happy when the deal is done.

Reliable Used Car Dealers Pennsauken Township

Reliable Used Car Dealers in  Pennsauken Township, NJ - The What and Where 

You may be curious as to what buying reliable used cars mean, and hence I will give you a little background information. In the event an individual has a bad credit score and they need to purchase a vehicle and get it financed, the best way to get it done is get it done is though bad credit car dealers in Pennsauken Township, NJ. What is offered is the in house loan to any of their customers, meaning they both sell and finance the car.

The vehicles available at such a car dealerships with auto loan are not brand new. They are used vehicles which are a couple of years old with high mileages, but the used car sales dealers make sure that they are well cared for and are in a worthy mechanical condition.

What Determines the Ideal Reliable Used Car

These are reliable used cars for sale selected based on various criteria. The foremost one being the price range, as it should make sense since it is a used car, and should be such that the average customer can afford. Having a good variety of vehicles is important, but a determining factor such as price is very important. The overall appearance of the used trucks is also critically important since nobody wants to purchase used pickup trucks that looks like they belong to a scrap yard. 

All the various criteria are important, but if a vehicle looks good, and has the right price tag, but runs rather poorly in terms of performance, it will not sell. The buyers at bad credit car dealerships not only look for financing, but also a vehicle that is reliable and dependable. It is a simple reason why they are tested and thoroughly inspected before it is sold. They are rather particular when it comes to such vehicles since they know that a customer may opt out of further payments when it starts experiencing mechanical problems. They are serviced and repaired prior to being sold so that the customer is happy and pays up as agreed.

The Process at the Reliable Used Car Dealer

The first thing involved in buying at the car lots is to try and verify whether the customer is actually capable of qualifying for financing. Dealers refer to the customer's credit report in order to determine their financial stability and income, along with getting to know where they live. The dealer is interested in knowing if the auto loan can be serviced and also how long a period of time they have been on their job. These have proved to be more important than bankruptcies and repossessions.

Upon qualifying for financing, the buyer and the used car dealer agree on terms and conditions on how to finance car with no credit as well as how the repayments will be done. These may include payment location, interest rates, the down payment and the number of payments to be made. As much as pricing is important, the customer is more concerned with the payment and its structure.

Vehicle Selection at Reliable Used Car Lots

When it is time for the customer to select a vehicle for bad credit auto loans, they are given a list that fits their financial plan. It might be said that the car is overpriced, but the bad credit car loan is the one to finance the customer who has a bad credit score prior to making a sizable down-payment.

The dealer hopes that the customer will pay as agreed. Also, a certain percentage of the sales shall be repossessed after the customer has run the car to the ground. A customer with a bad credit score knows that they will be paying a higher price plus interest rate, to compensate the auto sales dealer for the expenses and high risk that they have to absorb when they repossess the cars.

Buy Here In Philadelphia

Buy Here In Philadelphia Don’t Go Anywhere Else!

Have you ever tried to negotiate for a good deal with a used car dealer? If you have, then you know how challenging it can actually be. A lot of people have been ripped off by the so-called car dealers. Used Car Sales Representatives are experts in what they do. You too can become an expert buyer. How? Well, if you purchase as many vehicles as they sell then you will definitely win the deals! Unfortunately, most of us can only see a used car dealer when we feel as though we need a car upgrade. This urge to upgrade can come a few years or so down the line making it very difficult for us to perfect our buying skills. You can finance a car with no credit is also a challenge but used cars are often seen as a minefield for those who are not prepared and the unwary. 

Before you embark on a mission of looking for used car lots, you should ensure you go prepared. Many bad credit car dealers are good at sensing whether or not you have actually done your homework. Buying used cars does not just entail you going to the nearest car dealer showroom, pick a pretty car and go on with your business. This strategy will make you end up with a car which you would find unsuitable in the long run. 

What does being prepared really mean? Well, it simply means that you have to decide on the type of bad credit car dealerships service that suits your needs. You need to overlook what you want. Used cars dealers have a tendency of using what you want in order for them to win. Ask yourself simple questions like, what type of car is suitable for your lifestyle? You need to consider the place you are living before buying a car. In addition to this, you need to evaluate the purpose of the used car. For instance, is it going to be for an off-road driving or just for camping?

Before taking that long journey to a used auto sales dealer, you need to establish just how much you can really afford. A quick tip: write the information down and take the piece of paper with you. The car dealerships with auto loan information will act as a guide to protect you from becoming a victim of the car dealer.

As part of your homework, you also have to go out there and look for cars that conform to your needs. There are numerous models and makes of used bad credit car loan cars you can choose from. Don’t limit yourself to a particular type of used cars for sale or a used car dealer. By doing your own research on independent used car sales reviews as well as the availability and accessibility of the spare parts can come in handy in the long run. You also need to know the selling price of the used cars. 

Wondering where to locate bad credit auto loans dealer? The internet is the perfect place to begin your search. In addition to the location, you will also find the best used trucks and the market prices, insurance costs as well as the availability. You may find similar used pickup trucks at several car dealers. This will give you an opportunity to negotiate a better deal as you will have numerous dealers used cars to turn to in case one does not offer you a good deal.

Buy Here in Pottstown, PA

Do You Know About Car Lots in Pottstown, PA?

The finance car with no credit car lots are run by a network of dealers in the car program known as Buying service. It is a program that is designed to be mostly used by young, first time buyers, and those with credit problems or no credit at all. The network of auto sales dealers is found throughout Pottstown, PA. 

The background information is that, the main aim of the car dealer is to primarily sell and finance vehicles for those people with a bad credit car loan. They are the ones who cannot finance vehicles through lenders or traditional dealers. What happens is that they sell the already used vehicles and then finance them in through the selling dealer. Car dealerships with auto loan never involve themselves enough to use third party lenders, finance companies or banks. Their customers will purchase the car and make payments on a weekly basis at the same location and thus the term buy here pay here.

The person who is interested in purchasing a used car with bad credit auto loans has to fill an online credit application that is provided by the used car dealer program. It is then subsequently submitted and within a specific duration of time, it is passed around to participating car dealers. If it is accepted by any one of the used cars for sale dealers, a notification is issued to the applicant. They are informed that the credit application has been approved and then they go to that specific dealer and buy a new -used vehicle.

The Buying Service, also works when a buyer goes to a dealership that is involved in this program. It has the car of your interests, and as they review your credit application, they also try to determine the amount you can afford to pay regularly, to complete the car payment. Sometimes this works well is if the car you want is among you choices for a 'new' car, and the bad credit car dealerships are close to your home.

This used car sales is a program that relies on the 'buy here' theory where the car is bought directly at the dealer where your credit application was submitted. 

It is quite different from going to a dealer who only sells two or one brand which are financed through the very same car manufacturer's financing arm. When you go to these bad credit car dealers, you might end up going through with the salesperson through the inventory at other dealers. When you do actually find the vehicle with everything that you desire, it will be brought there for you to purchase. You also send the payment direct to the company that provided the finance for your vehicle.

The dealers used cars program is one that means you pay at the dealer, for your car. Several payment plans can be put up by the dealer in order to much the applicants budget. This is done so in order to make it relatively easy for the applicant to pay up as per the agreed time and manageable as well. What the used pickup trucks dealer is really avoiding re-possesses the car due to failed or late payments. It is designed to help any potential customer, into the car that they desire.
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